Graphic design is a very broad term that encompasses many different types of work, from logos and posters to websites and advertisements. In this article we’ll take a look at some examples of graphic design that will blow your mind.

The World’s Smallest Computer

The world’s smallest computer was designed by the British artist Jeremy Fry in 2008. It consists of only 10 transistors and weighs less than half an ounce.

A 3D Printed Gun

In 2013 researchers at the University of Texas printed a working plastic gun using a 3-dimensional printer. This type of printing could be used to make customised guns with personalized features for criminals on the run.

The World’s Biggest Book

The Guinness World Records recognized the world’s biggest book as “The Encyclopedia Galactica”. The massive volume has over 2.4 million entries and runs to a total length of 12 metres.

The World’s Largest Pencil Case

This pencil case holds enough lead to draw more than 16 lines on a page of standard paper. Designed by Taiwanese company Nantong Xinke Rubber Products Co., Ltd., it measures 4.8 metres long and dates back to 1952.

The World’s Loneliest Number

The world’s loneliest number is believed to be 11,000, but not much else is known about it. There are currently no official records confirming whether there really is one lonely number or if it is just a rumor spread around by word of mouth. However, the story behind the number became so popular that LonelyNumber.com now sells T-shirts and coffee mugs dedicated to the concept.

The World’s Oldest Chocolate Bar

Beefeaters chocolate bar, which originated in 1875, is still sold today! But can you believe it’s been around since the 19th century?

The World’s Most Expensive Word Game

A group of French businessmen decided to cash in on the growing trend of business communication apps like WhatsApp. They created Le Trésor de la Langue Française (“the treasure of the French language”), which contains 800 words that cost up to $200 each.

The World’s Longest Piece of String

The world’s longest piece of string is actually a 647 metre (2,201 ft) spool of thread which hangs from the ceiling in the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, England.

The World’s Smaller Than a Speckled Hen Egg

Baby seahorses are even smaller than they appear. The world’s smallest fully formed fish is called Heterocheilus cantori, discovered in 2009 by Dr. David Griffiths of the Natural History Museum in London. It’s named after the Greek mythological character Heterocephalus, who had a similar appearance.

The World’s Highest Stairway

Stairs are not usually thought of as being aesthetically pleasing. But this staircase is made of wood and has handrails, making it beautiful. It connects the 5th floor to the roof of a building in Oxford, England.

The World’s Shortest Daytime Movie

French director Jean Rollin released Time Out of Mind in 1986. The film, which lasted only 65 minutes, was shown once during daytime hours. On July 1st 1987 it was finally pulled off the screens.


The above graphic designs are the few we could mention here, there are many other design ideas that have been published.